Wet Hotpants

Wet Hotpants


Horny newcomer Kate Fresh is crawling along the couch to get to her brunette girlfriend, Alyssa Reece. Her denim hotpants barely cover her puffy pussy as she bends over and this gorgeous couple start to kiss. Alyssa leans back as Kate stands above her and is caught peeing her pants, letting her golden streas drizzle down onto Alyssa's clothes. Kate licks Alyssa's damp clothes and then these pissing lesbians switch places as Alyssa returns the favour, wetting her panties and showering Kate with her own piss! These stunning girls start helping each other get out of their pee soaked clothes and once they are naked, Alyssa holds a glass goblet underneath Kate's pussy as she stands and pisses right into it. Alyssa then tops it up with her own pee and they start to play with their pissy cocktail by dipping their hair into it and pouring the contents over each other. Since these girls are already feeling horny, they decide to enjoy a dildo as Kate gets her turn first. She stops to piss all over Alyssa then gets on her knees to lick Alyssa's trimmed pussy with her pierced tongue. They both get their fair action with their sex toy and finally, kneel up on the coffee table while pissing down onto it!
Tags: close pink, dildo, dildo fucking, doggystyle, fingers, foreplay, girl girl pissing, kissing, lesbian pissing, masturbation, on her knees, pissing, pussy licking, pussy wash, wet panties
Models: Alyssa Reece
Length: 30:17
Published: 24 Jun 2015

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