Leashed Up And Waiting For Pee

Leashed Up And Waiting For Pee


Sexy mistress Cayla has her pet, Sasha on a leash as she walks around their apartment in black lingerie and lace topped stockings. Cayla sits down on a dining chair and her slave is left on the floor on all fours in her leopard print bodysuit. Getting a bowl off the table, Cayla places it on the floor and Sasha unclips her bodysuit to fill it with her golden piss. Her mistress holds her pussy apart as she starts pussy pissing into it and then Sasha pours her warm pee down over Cayla's lace lingerie. Afterwards Cayla pulls her own bodysuit to one side and drenches Sasha in golden showers, letting some of her pee stream spray into her mouth to give her a taste of piss drinking. Sasha licks her pussy and these pissing lesbians start to strip. Sasha is finally released from her leash and these hotties enjoy sharing a pink dildo while pissing even more. They finger each others pussies and take more streams of golden nectar in their mouths before they finally move onto a handheld vibrator to get off!
Tags: dildo, dildo fucking, doggystyle, fingering pussy, fingers, foreplay, girl girl pissing, kissing, lesbian pissing, masturbation, on her knees, pissing, pussy licking, pussy wash, vibrator
Models: Cayla Lyons, Sasha Sparrow
Length: 28:18
Published: 10 Oct 2021

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