Cute Andys

Our session with Andys couldn't have gone any better than this. Not only is she young and cute, but she turns out to be one heck of a pisser. This isn't something that really becomes apparent until after the first couple of pisses - one through her shorts and the other from a sitting position on the black cushion seat. After that warm up she treats herself to a wide open piss with a speculum and this is the first time that we really see her shine. Her stream is remarkably long lasting and it's continuous and gushing power makes it even more impressive. Shortly after this she's positioned herself atop of a bureau with the speculum in hand again. Even as her stream hits the top surface it ricochets from the sheer force of her powerful release. Changing things up for the end, Andys stands with one foot on the seat and pees into a large bowl, wrapping up her intense session with style.
Tags: mopping, piss drinking, pissing, pussy wash, solo, teen, wet panties, wet toy
Length: 27:56
Published: 24 May 2019

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