Lady Pee!

Lady Dee, the czechoslovakian spanish hungarian has already experienced a bit of peeing action on Wet and Puffy and is equally excited about her extensive video for Wet and Pissy. Slim and elegant, Dee is young but she is highly adaptable to her new environment. For this shoot, she doesn't produce the longest lasting streams, but she does have some incredible blasting power. She positions her back on the sofa with her head on the sitting area and blasts out a fluttering piss over her head while she laughs. After another nice short power stream kneeling over a vase, Dee rests on her back to add one more laughing piss combo to her repertoire, spraying forcefully into the air and finishes off by taking a calmer approach peeing into a large cocktail glass.
Tags: cheers, close pink, diving, piss drinking, pissing, pussy wash, solo, squirting, teen, wet toy
Models: Lady Dee
Length: 30:59
Published: 07 May 2022

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