Washing Her Hair With Pee

Washing Her Hair With Pee


Teana and Jenifer Jane are ready to play in our newest pissing porno and these gorgeous girls are sat on the couch as Jenifer brushes Teana's hair. They want to have some more fun so Jenifer gets innocent Teana to lay back on the couch with her hair draped down into a giant glass goblet. She pees through a glass tube and soaks Teana's hair as she enjoys her golden shower! Picking up the goblet, Jenifer pours the rest of her juices over Teana's hair then sucks it to spit some right into Teana's mouth! They switch places and this time Jenifer bends over in the doggystyle position on the floor as Teana returns the favour and pees over her hair too. She gets back on the couch and licks Jenifer's pussy then takes pee in mouth as Jenifer pisses right down over her face. These naughty pissing lesbians get naked and enjoy some pussy licking and fingering fun while mixing in piss play as much as they can. They share a little sex toy and finish their hot lesbian pee play session by splashing each other with their puddles on the floor!
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Models: Jenifer Jane
Length: 20:41
Published: 28 Jul 2022

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