Thirsty Dafne

Thirsty Dafne


Gorgeous raven haired teen Dafne can't wait to tease you in her tiny little skirt. She bends over a glass table and lifts up her skirt to reveal her black panties while she masturbates through them. Soon, Dafne is pissing through her crotch onto the floor below and takes off her pee soaked panties to get the party really started. Fingering her pussy up close, she shows off her amazing body and fires another stream of piss onto a glass table, while we film underneath. This feisty teen practices her blowjob and handjob skills on a dildo before peeing all over it and licking up her golden nectar off the table. Dafne fills her pussy with the dildo and works herself into so much of a frenzy that she orgasms and squirts high into the air. Finally, she fills a glass with her juices and drinks it, enjoying every single mouthful!
Tags: cheers, close pink, piss drinking, pissing, pussy wash, solo, squirting, wet toy
Models: Daphne Klyde
Length: 28:57
Published: 10 Aug 2018

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