Teenie Trouble

Teenie Trouble


Valerie Fox and Ornella Morgan understand each other. They enjoy finessing their way into their shared moments. Morgan takes her time, walking gallantly towards Valerie. Valerie is at Ornella's disposition, letting Ornella ice her down and then warm her up with her piss. Ornella is the pleasant instigator, stripping Valerie's shorts to get right down to business. Valerie chooses her moment, and soon Ornella's handiwork encourages her to take a piss as well. Now it's time for Valerie to lead with Ornella up on the chair. Ornella boldly positions her foot on the arm rest, giving Valerie a perfect opportunity to hold a massive goblet below. The girls take to a bit of kissing. More pissing follows with Ornella laying below Valerie as she gets pissed on from above. Next they get their hands on a golden shaft before pissing into some wineglasses. The girls finish off by wrapping their arms around each others' and drink to their friendship.
Tags: cheers, crazy, diving, girl girl pissing, lesbian pissing, piss drinking, pissing, pissing in mouth, pussy wash, wet toy
Models: Ornella Morgan, Valerie Fox
Length: 29:53
Published: 20 Feb 2019

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