Sexy Nina

Just as sure as the sun rises, our appetite for the sexy Nina rises soon after she introduces herself with a couple of brief but appropriate comments. She's dressed modestly in an outfit you'd see a pretty girl looking to get more than a few glances. Miss Sunrise tucks the front of her dress between her legs, and so she's off, pissing through the exquisite material. Once she's out of her outfit, she mops up the floor with it and she begins lightly licking at the floor. Nina is, as always, great with her interactions, and she goes to great lengths to capitalize on that skill. She puts to use a speculum and toy briefly for some wide open pissing and some anal action as she pisses on both occasions. She spends some time on the floor facing the camera and licking extensively. After she pisses again, this time sitting on the chair, Nina moves to a squatting position with a champagne glass beneath her. She's remarkable here, pissing into it three times. The first and last servings are poured over her head, and the last one she drinks up contently. She slurps off of the floor and spits it back into the glass for one more drink.
Tags: cheers, close pink, crazy, diving, mopping, piss drinking, pissing, pussy wash, solo, squirting, wet panties, wet toy
Length: 32:57
Published: 31 Jul 2015

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