Pissmass Suprises

Pissmass Suprises


Merry Christmas to all of our members here at VIPissy! Today we join Antonia Sainz who is jiggling along to some festive music while cleaning. She looks at a glass jug with a mischievious look in her eye and pulls up her miniskirt before she starts filling it with her golden juices. Sexy brunette Jenifer Jane comes down the stairs and sits at the bar when Antonia offers her a drink. She pours her a special drink from her jug full of piss and Jenifer drinks it, gulping down every last drop. Antonia asks her if she wants anymore and proceeds to pour two glasses before they toast and enjoy more piss drinking. Jenifer kneels up with one leg on the stool and start peeing her pants when Antonia confesses that she has been drinking her juices. She shows her how it's done and kneels up on the bar, filling up a glass with a fresh stream and Jenifer happily sips from it then opens up her leather jacket to take some golden showers from thie kinky redhead barmaid. Jenifer pours the rest of the jug of piss over Antonia's cropped top who then gets down on the floor to help Jenifer out of her soaking wet denims. These pissing lesbians explore their fantasies even further as they lick each others pussies and take turns to piss in mouth and enjoy more golden showers! Now soaking wet with piss, they finger their pussies and orgasm before finally filling some giant goblets with one final stream each!
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Models: Antonia Sainz, Jenifer Jane
Length: 25:04
Published: 23 Dec 2021

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