Petite Pissers

Petite Pissers


Two petite girls - playful and cute Rosaline along with fiery and sultry Anita - drench their bed as they partake in a daydream that becomes a reality. Dressed in a vivid red and black dress, Anita oils up Rosaline and pees on the recess of her back. The girls kiss and undress each other and switch to a different orientation. Rosaline lays on her back, pissing straight into Anita's eager mouth, smiling as the piss runs down her chin and pours out of her lips. They swap roles and Rosaline laps up Anita's piss, extending her tongue in the process. The girls experiment with other ideas too. Anita inserts a funnel like glass into her ass and Rosaline pours some pee she just finished gathering in a vase. After Anita pees on Rosaline again, she gives her a sexy little dry, or rather wet, humping rub. Cooperatively filling a vase, they drench their hair with their combined piss. The bed, starting off as a light blue has become a a dark blue surface. After a Rosaline pees on Anita's pussy, Anita gives us a nice two part piss. The first part is the best here, lifting her legs up and spraying Rosaline's torso, reaching as high as her neck. This is Anita's longest pee duration, and moments later the second one comes, with Rosaline routing the stream off of her tongue into a vase. The girls swap out some piss from the vase four times into their mouths, Rosaline to Anita, Anita to Rosaline, Rosaline to Anita, and back one more time to where it started with Rosaline. Rosaline has one more shot left and again the vase is used with briefer swapping and one last hair bath.
Tags: anal, cheers, close pink, girl girl pissing, lesbian pissing, piss drinking, pissing, pissing in mouth, pussy wash, shaved pussy, teen, trimmed pussy
Models: Anita Berlusconi, Rosaline Rosa
Length: 40:21
Published: 29 Nov 2017

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