Make Love To My Piss

Make Love To My Piss


Cute blonde Katy is enjoying a nap on her bed but her redhead girlfriend Morgan has other ideas! She strips down to her lingerie and with her ass perched on the headboard, Morgan pulls her panties to one side and showers Katy in warm piss to wake her up! Katy sees this as an invitation for more fun and gets onto her knees before she starts to lick Morgan and her pee soaked pussy. Horny Morgan lays down on the bed and Katy climbs on top of her so that Morgan can return the favour and lick her pussy too. Katy lifts her ass up slightly and releases a stream of her own golden pee down onto Morgan's bra, soaking it through! She turns around and starts to lap up her own juices from Morgan's toned stomach. Helping each other undress, Morgan and Katy suck their shared juices from their clothes and Katy starts to use a pussy pump on Morgan's perfect honey pot. Morgan feels another piss coming on so releases into the tube while Katy catches her droplets then pours it all over Morgan's back! Next up it's Katy's turn to enjoy the pussy pump but this gorgeous blonde decides to lean against the headboard of the bed while filling it with her own pee. Her juices get poured straight over her tits while Morgan licks them, tasting Katy's pee. The horny lesbian pee play continues with these stunning girls sharing a black dildo which they take turns fucking and spraying each other in the face with more of their pee streams. Finally, Morgan holds a giant goblet underneath Katy as she pees into it and Morgan's mouth to give her a taste of piss drinking and this horny couple share the golden liquid as it gets poured down their naked bodies! What a pissing porn video!
Tags: close pink, dildo, dildo fucking, fingering pussy, kissing, lesbian pissing, masturbation, pissing, pussy licking, pussy to mouth, pussy wash, rinse job, rubber dildo, wet pussy pump, wet toy
Models: Katy Sky, Ornella Morgan
Length: 34:30
Published: 01 May 2019

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