Gushing On The Road

Gushing On The Road


Hot blonde Daisy Lee rushes down a road in the suburbs and is going to wet herself unless she relieves her pee desperation. She stops and lifts up her summer dress and squatting to pee, this hottie gushes all over the ground, with her pee stream trickling over the bottom of her dress! Once she has finished, she continues walking away but not until we capture the whole experience for Got2Pee!
Tags: blonde piss, city, crouching, day, on concrete, outdoor, pissing, skirt, solo
Length: 01:10
Published: 20 May 2021

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jonasortmann  •  2 years ago  •  0    0

The Got2Pee Series is a really awesome but what would definitely upgrade it is sports. Things like skateboarding, longboarding, rollerskating or biking. Alt porn is definitely a favourite of many people. Pee porn and alt porn are my favourites. Let's make it to peeing and wetting while doing sports 😎

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