Francesca Dicaprio

Francesca Dicaprio


Francesca knows how to get wet. She's a fiery girl that fully embraces being a devout pisser. Her fiercely red outfit compliments her ardent desires. In no time at all she's pissing fully dressed, letting the piss trickle down in multiple streams between her legs. Her earnest moans and sighs make the experience much more arousing. The large puddle left on the chair is enough to completely soak her ensemble. When the time comes, she climbs on the table, pruriently pissing in a most explicit fashion. Her piss fetish continues with a couple of excellent poses, both leaving her pussy and ass out in the open, and both equally in your face in nature. It's riveting to watch just how naughty of a girl Francesca can be.
Tags: close pink, crazy, diving, piss drinking, pissing, solo, wet panties, wet toy
Models: Francesca DiCaprio
Length: 35:28
Published: 18 Nov 2016

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