Drinking And Drenching

Drinking And Drenching


Dark haired Valentina Bianco is our newest face here on Wet and Pissy and as she sits at her desk, she feels quite horny and rubs her hands over her cropped top. Valentina suddenly feels desperate to pee and holds onto her crotch then stands up before a damp patch appears on her crotch and a stream of her golden piss trickles down her leg and into her high heel. This hottie takes off her shoe and pours her pee into her mouth, giving herself a taste of piss drinking then licks her wet shoes. Pulling down her red trousers, Valentina fingers herself and once they are off, she sucks her juices from the wet fabric. Sitting on a footstool, this Italian beauty continues to finger her big taco pussy and then gets hold of a watering can before she sprays another stream of piss into it! Valentina gives herself a golden shower and pulls down her top before soaking her face and tits with her juices. Looking in her drawers at her favourite sex toys, Valentina pulls out a pink beaded dildo which she sucks and toys her pussy with as she bends over with her ass right up against our camera! Next, this hot babe places five bowls on her desk and starts filling them, one by one with her piss, having total control over her pissing. She pours each one into her mouth and over herself, then gets naked before she finishes her pussy play with a big black dildo. With time for one final piss in her debut pissing porn scene, Valentina fills a jar with her warm piss and tips it down herself, letting her makeup run down her face as she is drenched in her juices!
Tags: black hair, close pink, dildo, dildo fucking, doggystyle, fingering pussy, fingers, masturbation, pissing, pussy to mouth, pussy wash, solo, solo girl, wet toy
Models: Valentina Bianco
Length: 26:21
Published: 11 Jun 2021

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