Claudia In Nature Part 2

Claudia In Nature Part 2


It's the second part of Claudia's fun in nature and this naughty builder opens up her reflective jacket and shows off her tits! Imagine finding her on your building site!? Pulling down her denims, this sexy blonde starts pussy pissing down into her jeans and soaks them completely on the crotch and down her legs. Claudia loves peeing her pants and sits down on a rock and starts fingering her wet pussy as the camera zooms in close on her pussy play then she pees towards the camera, soaking the lense! Using a purple dildo, Claudia bends over with her ass in the air and fucks herself before she holds her toy beneath her and pees all over it. This naughty blonde clearly needs to empty her bladder and after some more pussy play, she leans over to one side and pisses again on the ground to finish off her latest pissing porno!
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Models: Claudia Macc
Length: 13:15
Published: 29 Jul 2022

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