Blonde Teen Wets Her Panties

Blonde Teen Wets Her Panties


Mia Hilton stars in this amazing piss fetish video. At nineteen, Mia is fully aware of her exhibitionist tendencies, especially when it comes to urine play. Mia likes to get herself sexually excited by playing with her nipples, pussy lips and clit, then she practices holding in her pee and letting it out in small little bits. When she can't take it anymore, she usually will let it go in a nice stream that is visible from across the room. Today you get a front row seat for Mia and her amazing talents. We give you plenty of close up views of her ample pussy lips and her sweet hole as she fills a glass fish vase with her golden nectar. Mia knows how to tease you with her sexuality and you will be in awe of her bladder control. You will want to lick her lips as she drips pee down slowly from her pussy to her unbleached asshole and onto the table.
Tags: blonde, czech, dildos/toys, fingering, masturbation, pissing, small tits, solo, squirting
Models: Mia Hilton
Length: 16:57
Published: 03 Jun 2016

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